John Roland Abisch

Founder and Principal

John Roland Abisch is a licensed architect with over 15 years in the industry, and 11 years in the Charlotte, NC market. He currently holds an active license in NC, SC, GA, TN, VA, and FL.

After graduating from the State University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2009, John worked in Rochester, NY as a project manager for Mitchell Architecture, a firm focused on the industrial sector. After a move to Charlotte, NC in 2013 to be closer to family, John continued his acclaimed career as a project architect at Axiom Architecture for over 4 years, and rose to become Principal at BSB Design’s Charlotte office.

Honoring his grandfather’s legacy, John created Roland Architecture in 2020.

Industry Expertise

John has designed over 4,000 units throughout the country and has extensive experience in mixed-use and multifamily projects, ranging from 3-story wood framed apartment buildings to concrete and steel high rise construction.

Across the large-scale projects on which John has worked, he has excelled in mixed-use, purpose-built student housing and multifamily design.

Through all his endeavors, John developed a passion for multifamily architecture, recognizing its unique design element in bringing people together in community.

Creating Communities

Through all of his endeavors, John has developed a passion for multifamily architecture, recognizing its unique design element in bringing people together in community.

By way of creating beautiful spaces with visual intrigue, John focuses on architectural design that results in human exchange, connection, and gathering.

Quality Relationships

John approaches each of his projects with a passion for quality relationships, clarity, and communication. He strives to always be humble and kind in both his daily and professional life, qualities his grandfather instilled throughout his family.

John and his canine co-worker Kevin, who serves as “Head of Collections & Fun Squad Liaison”, focus on fostering a positive environment with developers, general contractors, and design teams to make the architectural design process simple, enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.


Head of Collections & Fun Squad Liaison

Kevin has been with Roland Architecture since its inception. He started as Fun Squad Liaison, and due to his work ethic and positivity, he has also taken on the role as Head of Collections.

He does not take his job lightly, and keeps everyone in check on a weekly basis. He will forever be a legend within the company.

If you’d like to stop by the office to meet Kevin, he takes meetings by appointments only and gladly accepts dog treats and belly rubs.

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